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I am Vincent, Hamburg based interdisciplinary designer with a fabel for colourfull design, I create animation and branding.

Moin und servus!

I am currently living and working in Hamburg, although I am from the south and yeah I sometimes miss the mountains, I really like this city. Haha if its not raining as hell, right now I look outside my studio and of course it ranins.
I studied communictaion design in Augsburg, which gave me a decent background in all kinds of megia, I even learend writing with a feather.
I love doing stuff, that's why I am not only working for agencies and big clients. I also colloberate with friends and I am allways trying to create something new, for example I try to join llluvia.de as often as I can and beside from that I make other little sideprojects, as you can see below or even more on my own visualworkout blog.

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Vincent Schwenk 

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