I am creating different kind of artworks, which you can buy here. Most of them are digital renderings but some of them are also real objects.


The Connection Pt.01

This piece is a rendering from a bigger series with the topic "Connection". The animation bounds five different characters together. In the beginning they are staged in a classical triangle composition, while towards the end they are gathering in the center. This composition change is even emphasized by the motion of the five objects. Especially the green/glossy one creates a unpleasant feeling of penetration. That's why the other ones are trying to escape, but can't because of the connecting strings. - 1536x1920px Place a bid on superrare

Coral Movement
This work is build upon my VR series, which were modeled in Oculus Medium. They are more evolved and have a way stronger haptic look. Also the motion creates a deeper feeling.

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Toki Ton x V.SK
I am proud to have quite unique and creative friends in my tiny circle. One of them is Laura, a talented ceramist. We went through an exciting journey of designing an unique and handcrafted plant pot together. While it was quite challenging to realize on the technical side, we are proud to show the final piece. And we hope you love it too.
Coming soon!

This piece with the title "Fluctus" is from my particles series ( It resembles a hydrophobic dance of two different media in a water based liquid. - 10% will be donated to Sea Shepherd. - 1080x1080px
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This work is minted on the Tezos blockchain on the site: Everything there is still very much experimental, but I wanted to give it a go because the environmental impact is way less than on the other platforms. You can see this drop like a digital postcard, because you can also buy several pieces of this rendering. Check it out.


These abstract shapes with the title "Blob 01" are inviting you to go an a sexual virtual adventure in your mind.
This is the first image, originally created in 2018 with a Oculus VR headset. The images are a 2021 new edition. Details were added and the resolution of the artworks is now 3200x4000px.

NoctusThis is the second piece from "The rocks" series, which goes by the name "Noctus". It's an underwater installation which is linked to the sea life and it's current challenges. The center of the artwork is an octopus which inspires me with his intelligence and creativity.

250€ donated to SeaShepheard.


This animation belongs in the same series as "Egg in Yolk". The colors emphasize a feeling of warmth, comfort and togetherness . The shapes are interacting in zero-g and are forming a soft group - a situation most of us are dreaming of right now. 
Sound: Jürgen Branz


Egg in Yolk

This piece is called "egg in yolk" and it is an artwork of my ongoing series from soft and squishy objects. I am always trying to build a relationship between different shapes and colors. Often the realism of the material is emphasized, which gives it a haptic feeling. Even though everything is just digital. - Sound by Jürgen Branz Created in 2019 

250€ donated for the kids in Jemen „Nothilfe Jemen“ from Unicef.


This is the third piece of the “egg series” with the title “Benedict”. This male name is giving you several options to interprete the
animation especially the squeezing, the pushing and the impact at the end.

Simulate the truth"Simulate the truth" is the first out of three pieces. This modern art installation is linked to the real world, which their realism and detailed texture work emphasizes. Created  in 2020.

Where can I find you?

If you are just simply interested in my digital art, or if you want to collect or trade them, you can follow me here:

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What is my opinion on NFTs?
Cryptoart gives me the possibility and the freedom to work on whatever I want. Everthing about NFT’s is super new and feels totally exciting, but there is also a downside to it. Currently most of the platforms are using the Etherium blockchain. To upload and sell your work there, a lot of energy is consumed. How bad the impact really is, is hard to tell. I will try to educate myself as much as possible and I’m also trying to find better environmental solutions. Meanwhile I am donating a part of my income to a good case, plus I am offsetting my carbon footprint.
For more information check out the PRO NFT and CON NFT sites.