I was very fortunate in my career. I met so many nice people, who were always open to share their knowledge with me. So whenever I have time, I am trying to create something special for my community.

In this section, you can find some stuff I am doing. For more information check out these links:

1. Learn 3D on Patreon
2. Assets on Gumroad
3. Watch on Youtube
4. License on Avantform
5. Lectures and Talks

For everyone who doesn’t know Patreon: It’s a video platform, where you can subscribe to my channel. There a various ‘Tiers’ for different types of tutorials. Starting form 10€ and going up to 25€ per month.

Here is a little teaser video for one tutorial on softbodies. Plus on the right sight is a teaser image for the “How to create a product shot”.

Gumroad Is a market place, where you can buy or sell different digital goods and resources. I uploaded conten like, Texture Packs, Audio Packs or Object Packs. Some are for free, for some you need to pay. Also if you came this far, I want to give you a discount code, which works on all products: “20percent” Just use it at the checkout and get 20% off.

Youtube From time to time, I am also recording some free tutorials on Youtube. Here is an example.

Avantform Is a platform to license high quality 3D images for editorial or commercial use.