With Laura of toki ton, I went through an exciting journey of designing a unique and handcrafted plant pot. We started our in June 2019.  

We tried to capture the process with a few photographs. Flying over them you will see that we went through a few challenges along the way. Starting off with experimenting across several shapes before we managed to pick the final one. Which was then printed in 3D and provided the blueprint for building the plaster mould. After a few failures in the oven with curved shapes and fragile results, we sandpapered and finalised the Pot and are truly proud of it.

Limited edition of 10.
Hand signed by Laura and me.
Price: 280€

You can order it at

The orange Neon one (at the bottom) can be bought for 80€.
For that please DM me.

Photos by Teresa Mahler

Here are some images from our process. We experimented a lot with different shapes until we finally managed to pick one. Which was then printed in 3D. More dies das Text...

Some alternatives