When K hits
Dancing has always been an expression of my inner self. Moving through space and time, has it always been a break-free-moment: Releasing energy, giving and sharing moments, feeling the joy of life until we‘re cocooning inwards again. 

Within a digital space, ‘garments’ are no longer restricted by the demands of the human body. Instead they are liberated, limitless in the forms that they might take. Schwenk’s digital fashion transcends the body, and in doing so, broadens our limited definition of fashion by abstracting its essential components. Without the human being, fashion becomes an elevated interaction between cloth and motion, form and ideology.

Part 03:  Garment collaboration Elisa Flicka
Audio collaboration with Jürgen Branz & Maffyn
Part 01&02: Audio collaboration with Jürgen Branz & Vincent Semlinger

Third Round of “K-Hit” - 2023

Second Round of “K-Hit” - 2022

First round of “K-Hit” - 2021